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I am passionate about words and how they get people to think.


I've been lucky to find a way to combine both a love for language and powerful images by working on marketing and communication projects for a variety of companies.


I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, land of cotton, the mighty Mississippi, W.C. Handy, tasty barbeque, Elvis, and so much more. I studied journalism and creative writing at university, so I like to ask questions, listen for great answers, and tell a compelling story.


After graduating, I headed north to New York City to ply my trade and stayed for more years than I ever imagined I would. The energy of the city is infectious and culture is on every street corner. I also traveled widely, living in California and Argentina, and discovering more and more of Europe, with miles more to go. When I visit a new place, I start walking and take a random turn. My sense of direction is sharp, but getting lost is often the best way to learn a new place.


I now call Memphis home again, and I'm immersing myself in its history and hoping to participate in its renaissance. To get a taste of Memphis, watch this excellent short commercial for the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Want to learn more about my professional experience? Please contact me.

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